changed my thinking...

changed my life!


"I felt that it would be good to experience the initial course. Therefore, I would be in a position of strength and experience when sharing it with others when I accomplished my goal. The part that impacted me the most was the built-in support system that was effective in keeping me accountable, focused, and productive. The built-in support system included an accountability partner (who spoke with me each week); the other team players via the conference call; and coaching from the moderator/visionary. I completed my goal of establishing a communal/corporate prayer center. Because of the success of that one, I am in the process of beginning the work on another one. This has led to several inquiries from others for my helping them to establish prayer centers. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a goal and wants to successfully complete it.  Even though you will still be required to be committed to do your part, you can do so even more readily because of the built-in support system that gives additional motivation and encouragement."


In His Love and Service,

Angel C. Gayle

Ambassador for Christ

"I took the Courage course because as a believer I found myself at the crossroads of my life. I also realized that I needed courage to take the next step. The part of the course that impacted me the most was when we were asked to write down our accomplishments. It showed me how victorious I already was and how far God had brought me. I had not even given myself or God credit for that. The course helped me to keep going in my career and to start my own business. I am now a certified Infiniti Master Tech, a husband, father, Spoken Word artist and business owner. I would definitely recommend this series because no one likes to admit their fears (particularly us guys). As humans, if we are to be bold for God, we need encouragement to be courageous and to have faith so that we can get His work done while we are here."

"Biz" Brown, Infiniti Master Tech

President/CEO, Xhibt G – Spreading the Gospel through Spoken Word

 "I took the seminar because I was challenged by my friend to do so. The course caused me to identify an area my life that seemed to be impossible but that would require courage and Faith to complete. At that time of my life it was definitely about weight loss. It seemed to be an area of my life that I just could not get victory over. So I decide to take a Leap of Faith!!!! I can honestly say that what impacted me the most was the fellowship and interaction with other believers that decided to take this journey with me. We really helped each other and encourage each other along as we made our way towards our individually different goals/faith journey. I lost about 45 to 50 pounds. I look amazing and completely different!!! I learned that anything with faith in God and courage is possible. That was over 5 years ago and I've still maintained my weight loss and continuing the journey to lose even more this year. It was definitely a boost in my confidence I look great and feel great too. I would absolutely recommend these seminars because they work. And, like the old Christian saying goes "If He'll do it for me, He'll do it for you" God is no respecter of persons so if this course by faith helped me to accomplish what I was believing for, it'll do that and so much more for anyone who dares to take the challenge. So if you are reading this, take the challenge like I did and sign up."

T. Penn, Banker

Providing financial security for those who seek it with God’s grace.

"Being physically disabled is not easy. After my job came to an end, I became despondent. Even though you know God, we as humans still become despondent and feel like giving up. The seminars came at just the right time. I needed a whole lot of courage and a whole lot of faith. My dream was to return to graduate school. With the help of the course teachings coaching and my accountability partner, I applied to graduate school but did not get in on the first try. The course helped me to keep going. I believe God saw my faithfulness because he opened a door for me to work at a major university. Remembering the teachings of the course, I found the faith and courage to apply again to graduate school. I am now on my way to completing my Masters degree. I am also an Assistive Technology Consultant where I help other disable students to use technology to graduate from college."

R. Mendonca, Assistive Technology Consultant

Walking with Courage, Faith and Gratitude one step at a time.

"I took the course because I needed some guidance in my life and help with time management and procrastination. The part that impacted me the most was the part that taught me to take responsibility for my work. For example, if you tell somebody that you're going to be somewhere at 8, be there at 8 or follow up with a phone call and let them know that you can't make it. The course also helped me to follow through on things to do. If you have certain things that need to be done in a certain time get it done in that time. The course gave me the courage and patience to get my home modification done. They were asking for so much information and just asking for it over and over again when I had already given it to them. So I learned how to handle my frustration and not to give up. I would recommend these courses because it keeps people focused and it gives them guidelines of how to handle difficult situations when they are presented. Two years later, the course is sill working because I even found the courage to return to college to get my degree in Nutrition. So grateful for where God has brought me and for His grace."

Josette Green, Owner, Josette Hair Center & Salon

Currently pursuing a degree in Nutrition