Wondrously Made

We are each wondrously made with individual gifts bestowed by God. These talents are meant to glorify God and celebrate his love and blessings. Strangely, we're not speaking of the famous, the rich or the geniuses. God is referring to you, the person reading this very sentence.

Do you know what God's gift is to you? Many people don't. Some people have the gift of song, art, design, but others may have the gift of organization, numbers, kindness and inspiration. Yes, organization is a gift. Can you imagine a library without organization? Or the grocery store? Don't compare yourself to someone else, but look at yourself through God's eyes. What has he given you? What have you done with that gift?

CFG's mission is to help you discover what God's gifts are to you and how you were meant to use them. Join us and start your journey into the life you were meant to have.

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