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Individual and Group Coaching  
Ongoing Investments. Personal Development. Consistency.

The greatest gift you can give your leaders is an ongoing investment in their personal development with God and themselves. This kind of investment requires a daily renewal of the mind coupled with disciplined action that continues to move your followers and organization forward.Our experienced team has helped many people and leaders of faith experience personal and organizational growth. Group rates are available. If you are interested in our organizational packages or retreats, please fill out the form below or call 786-209-3318.


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If you are interested in a free 15-minute session to determine if individual Christian coaching is for you, email info@CFG.Walk or call (786) 209-3318.


Do you have a goal that you struggle to achieve? We will work with you, encouraging you, brainstorming with you and holding you accountable. With a coach you will reach your goals more efficiently and effectively.


We have helped people identify: “What needs to grow? What needs to go?” Discover more about how we can make a positive difference in your group.


One-on-one coaching is uniquely designed around your individual needs. As a coach, we will ask you the hard questions. We will ask you to complete questionnaires, assessments and various homework assignments before each session.