4-Step Walk

Congratulations! You are already a successful leader.  Now it is time to take your leadership to the next level. John Maxwell states that leadership is influence. Who do you influence and how can you better influence? Leadership is also the art of managing up as well as managing those who are following you. Often we allow our fears and insecurities to derail our leadership success. At CFG.World, using the Word of God and prayer we provide you the coaching and tools to boost your confidence. The knowledge gained will help you to:  

  • Build a great team that increases their loyalty to God and the results will follow.

  • Manage up as well as manage your followers.

  • Manage the spirits of jealousy, fear, doubt, greed and any other distractions (Ephesians  6:12)

  • Recognize the saboteur even if that is you



This Webinar provides you with the following:

  • An introduction to resiliency and its importance in your life

  • What does God say about resiliency

  • How do CourageFaithGratitude, relate to resiliency

  • Personal testimonies from those who have gone through the Seminars

  • How our CFG team can assist you in your Resiliency Walk

  • How to register for your first Seminar – Courage, or the entire series.  

Introduction to Resiliency Walk




Courage Resiliency Walk


  • Are you stuck in a job or situation that you don't like, but you don't have the courage to leave?

  • Has God called you to fulfill His promise for your life and you lack the courage to do so?

  • Are you in a relationship that no longer works for you?

  • Have you started a business or about to start a business and lack the courage to move on?

If you lack courage in any area of your life, then 7 Steps to Courage for the Christian Soul is for YOU!

Please note:  In order to enroll in Courage Resiliency Walk, you must first register for Introduction to Resiliency Walk.




Faith Resiliency Walk
  • Have the disappointments of life or hurts in your life made you afraid?

  • Have you stepped out and put your trust in someone or something and it hasn't worked out?

  • Is being patient a challenge for you?

  • Have you secretly or not so secretly blamed God or others for the problems in your life?

  • Have your dreams materialized only to have them shatter?


7 Steps to Faith is for those who wish to start exercising their faith or increase their Faith walk to victory in any area of their life.  This course, in part is experiential.

Please note:  In order to enroll in Faith Resiliency Walk, you must first enroll in Courage Resiliency Walk.



Gratitude Resiliency Walk


  • How often do we give thanks for the things that we already have?

  • Do we give thanks to God every day?

  • What are we grateful for, anyway?

  • Do we even spend time feeling thankful at all or do we complain about the things we don’t have and how different things could’ve been or how they should be?

  • However you feel about your life right now, we can all use a little more gratitude.

7 Steps to Gratitude for the Christian Soul is for those who wish to wither experience being grateful newly or to take being grateful to another level.

Please note:  In order to enroll in Gratitude Resiliency Walk, you must first enroll in Faith Resiliency Walk.