Dr. Joy Vaughan is a graduate of Columbia University where her neuro-developmental research with 0 – 3 year olds proved the importance and positive impact of consistent early childhood stimulation and parental support. Dr. Vaughan also received her doctorate in Higher Education and Brain-based Leadership from Nova South Eastern University. Her ground breaking research in assisting college freshmen to shift their brain patterns and graduate from college proved that anyone can be motivated to change when the right tools are consistently applied. As a passionate educator, her walk with the Lord has led her to create innovative programs and literature for children and adults in the Faith-based and Secular communities. Her books Powerful People: Powerful Lives, The 7-Step Empowerment Series for the Secular and Christian Souls, as well as her online Seminar Empowerment Series, have helped many persons and organizations to find and fulfill their God-given purpose with velocity.

Born in Barbados, West indies, Dr. Vaughan is a member of Impact Church South Florida under Pastors Anthony and Rhonda Crawford’s leadership. She is a graduate of Impact Church’s Leadership Training Center, and has successfully spearheaded departments and projects under her Pastors’ guidance. Her newest, upcoming book (2019), The Art of Resiliency: Phoenixes Rising goes beyond the ability to reinvent one’s self. This book is a celebration of women around the world who have proven to be resilient in the best and worst of times. Cheers to each and every one of them who answered to a higher calling.